Wildcats tie Long Island!
Both teams still tied for first in the Northeast Division

 Despite a long journey out to Long Island, battling rain and New York traffic, the Wildcats were able to pull of a tie against the Long Island Rough Riders through an extremely nail biting game. 

Long Island controlled the ball well in the first 15 minutes of the game, but solid performances by the Wildcats backline and Goalkeeper, Caroline Williams, made it difficult for them to find the net. However, Long Island forward Sade Ayinde broke away with a one on one with Williams, but Williams deflected the ball wide giving the Rough Riders a corner. Not too long after, Long Island was granted their chance when midfielder Kaila Sciascia slipped one passed Wildcats Goalkeeper, Caroline Williams, putting the Wildcats down 1-0 for the majority of the first half. 

After a tough battle through the remainder of the first half, a brilliant build up lead by Wildcat midfielder and captain, Angela DeSumma, gave chance for the Wildcats to put one in the back of the net! With a beautiful run by DeSumma down the right flank of the field, and after shedding off several Rough Rider defenders, she was able to cross a perfect ball to the feet of Wildcat Captain Kylee Rossi, who came over top the ball, striking it right past Rough Rider Goalkeeper Kristin Russell. This led the Wildcats and Rough Riders into halftime with a 1-1 tie. 

Second half substitution put Goalkeeper Emmy Simpkins in for Caroline Williams. And again, with solid performances by the backline lead by Marta Lynch and Cristina Barthel, the Rough Riders were unable to find the back of the net. Simpkins had to come off her line several times to clear the ball with her feet away from Rough Rider forwards and back into Long Island territory. 

Despite the tie, a tough battle was fought on both sides of the field. And for those of you who missed the exciting action, come out Saturday July 2nd to watch the Wildcats take on the Rough Riders yet again! 

Wildcats return home this Sunday at 1pm at Saint John Vianney High School to take on in state rivals, the New Jersey Rangers!


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