4v4 Tournament & W-League Match

  This is a HUGE rivalry as we are the only two w-league teams in New Jersey!  Please come out and support our women's team as they try to capture another win in order to keep fighting for a spot in the 2014 playoffs!!

  Before the game there will be a 4v4 tournament for all wildcats youth players (friends and family welcome to participate as well)  Arrive at 1pm to get ready for a 130 start to the tournament!  The tournament will be put on hold at the start of the game.  THE SEMI-FINALS AND FINALS to the tournament will be AT HALF TIME of our women's w-league game!!!!!

  In order to participate you need to email us at njwildcats1996@aol.com with a list of the 4 players on your team and your team name ASAP!

  **We are also looking for youth players who wish to be ball girls/boys.  Please contact us if you are interested!

  *Please note that players participating in the tournament do not need to pay for tickets.  However, everyone else will be required to pay the $10 for tickets.  This small fee helps keep our w-league team funded yearly, which we hope to continue to feed our youth players into as they get older.


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